A Cozinha.

When I was younger – and a good boy –, when my teachers would still call me little Lisboa, I would lose track of time watching and admiring grandma Teresa and my mother around the cauldron. They peeled, cut, boiled, and refined the bouillon. With time, from watching, experimenting, and taking risks, I learned how to cook and – modesty aside –, I already consider myself a (very) good cook.

However, I was still an aspiring chef with no space or utensils to shine. Now more mature and pondered, aware that not being too slow and being too hungry might be holding me back – and given that, in cooking, there is no such thing as fast and well there are no takers –, I called my old friend Pedro de Sousa, whose culinary skills precede him, to join me.

Together we created a restaurant that transcended the mere function of feeding. We plated our version of Portuguese gastronomy, inspired by what we grew up eating – and which I saw Grandma Teresa and my mother cook so many times –, and brought together the producers, suppliers and a dedicated and talented team to share it in the best way possible.

We strove to open a place that would bring together our friends, neighbors, and people from out of town. In time, they were more and more – after all, those who like it, always come back. Together and gathered around the table, we relived our childhood memories around the cauldron and created so many others.

A hug from the one who loves you so much,
Sr. Lisboa

Francisco Breyner
Firefighter & Owner

Breyner. B-boy. Firefighter. Chiquinho. Prefer to be treated by Mr. Lisbon. A true neo-Fernando Pessoa in the 21st century. It doesn't matter the name. If you need him, he's there. He was already peaky blinder before the peaky blinders themselves. Legend has it that he was born with a fluff on his lip and a beret on his head. He has his joke for not being funny at all, but as Francisco would say, he is also a part of it.

Pedro de SousaExecutive chef

Pedro de Sousa, bastard brother and shadow of our dear Mr. Lisboa still remembers when he took his little knife case and took the last run, on that sunny summer afternoon, in Santa Ovaia, towards Lisbon. His posture resembles that of a Prince. He prefers to be addressed only by his first name, influenced by his number one music diva, Cher. In the event that they have the privilege of exchanging a quick word with Pedro, given the hustle and bustle with which he drives his white Seat and his professional life, they are asked not to use Camões' name in vain. Pedro doesn't think it's funny.

Mafalda do Rosário
Restaurant Manager

Our dear Mafalda, originally from Avenida João XXI and a longtime friend of the bastard Pedro de Sousa, won the heart of the esteemed Mr. Lisbon through its happy disposition and strange fixation on Saturday. She can often be seen posting pictures of snow on her instagram. In the rare event that Mafalda answers your phone, please address her as Mafalda do Rosário.

Raquel Sampaio
Sub chef

A real smart chica, one of those who don't find smart boys much of a joke. She has such a bad temper that we wonder if she is related to the guru the ill-disposed. We think it's so special that it's best to meet in person. Don't be afraid to say hello – with the proper safety distance.

João Quintela
Assistant waiter

The greatest achievement of our dear Quintela, he thinks, is to be the creator of the concept of “eat and drink”, given the time he spends with his mouth full and glass in hand. He is helpful and multilingual. Loves our customers. If they are Spaniards, they proudly attack with a portunhol flavored with that Maltese accent from the Sintra line, where it is natural. If they are French, and where many would merely risk a “croissant” or “fromage”, he finishes off a “le toilet c’est au fond à droite” like someone reciting a poem by Serge Gainsbourg. He thinks he's so cute that we've already dispatched him once, but here he is again, to show us that the second time can also be for good.

Carolina Pata
Assistant waiter

Carolina is from the Twilight generation. It is believed to be a light that shines on a foggy morning – in the style of a lighthouse on the coast. The female version of D. Sebastião who comes to the rescue despite not having asked for anything. Truth be told, maybe it even is, especially in those more turbulent services. With black hair, a nose ring and a dour appearance, she firmly believes she is from heavy metal. She just loves Destiny Child and can't stand a mosh pit. Her name is Pata but she is no swan duck, anyone who sees her working thinks she is a swan.

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