It was a long sowing season - where I lived to the rhythm of the seasons, observed the diversity ofplants, vegetables and flowers that grew there and explored its universe of smells, textures andflavors – so that the Garden was what it was meant to be.

It was born to be an ode to Nature and all the elements that make it up. to give spaceand to star in the vegetables, which have always been forgotten in the corner of the plate. IT IStime to let them shine and explore the potential they can bring us. to leavebehind the accompanying secondary role, to transform themselves into the charactermain.It is harvest time – our Garden has germinated.

Eternally yours,
Sr. Lisboa

Francisco Breyner
Firefighter & Owner

Breyner. B-boy. Firefighter. Chiquinho. Prefers to be treated by Mr. Lisbon. A true 21st century neo-Fernando Pessoa. It doesn't matter how you call him. If you need him, he will be there. It was a peaky blinder before the peaky blinders themselves. Legend has it that he was already born with the moustache on his lip and a beret on his head. He is funny by not being funny at all, but as Francisco would say, it is also part of the process.

Pedro de Sousa Chef Executivo

Pedro de Sousa, the bastard brother and shadow of our dear Mr. Lisboa still remembers when he grabbed his little knife case and hopped in on the last bus, on that sunny summer afternoon in Santa Ovaia, towards Lisbon. His posture resembles that of a Prince. He prefers to be addressed only by his first name, influenced by his number one music diva, Cher. In case one should have the privilege of exchanging a quick word with Pedro, given the speed in which he drives his white Seat and his professional life, they are asked not to use Camões' name in vain. Pedro doesn't think it's funny.

Mafalda Soares Correia
Restaurant Manager

Our dear Mafalda, originally from Avenida João XXI and a longtime friend of the bastard Pedro de Sousa, won the heart of our esteemed Sr. Lisbon through her happy appeal and a strange fixation on Saturdays. She can often be seen posting snow photos on her Instagram. In the rare event that Mafalda answers the phone, please address her as Mafalda do Rosário.

Pedro RochaHead Bartender

Pedro Rocha's greatest achievement is greeting customers with a wide smile and believing he's created the most fun cocktails in the city! As an enthusiast of spirits, liqueurs, and wines, he also dabbles in beer, but saves that for after work, where he toasts with the team. Born in Barreiro in 1996, he fell in love with water sports and is a hospitable soul! If you want to get to know Pedro better, pay us a visit!

Joana Duarte
Sous Chef

Born in 1997 in São Martinho do Porto. From an early age, she watched her mother cook and experienced the Portuguese love for hospitality, with a full house and everyone at the table. It was by her side that she saw her passion for cooking grow. She still remembers her time as a scout, absorbing the sense of community that was fostered there. She initially wanted to become a psychologist, but life took a different path. With the determination and spirit of a scout, she packed her bags and went to study at the school in Peniche, and then she headed to the neighboring country of "nuestros hermanos". There, she refined her palate. She later returned to Portugal, where she worked at Sud Lisboa and is now in charge as a Sous Chef, reconnecting with the roots she always shared with her family, especially her mother, through abundant and communal meals.

João Quintela
Head Waiter

The greatest achievement of our dear Quintela, he thinks, is to be the creator of the concept of “eat and drink”, given the time he spends with his mouth full and glass in hand. He is helpful and multilingual. Loves our customers. If they are Spaniards, they proudly attack with a portunhol flavored with that Maltese accent from the Sintra line, where it is natural. If they are French, and where many would merely risk a “croissant” or “fromage”, he finishes off a “le toilet c’est au fond à droite” like someone reciting a poem by Serge Gainsbourg. He thinks he's so cute that we've already dispatched him once, but here he is again, to show us that the second time can also be for good.

Luís Braga TelesAssistant Head Waiter

Coming from Estoril to Lisbon, he also spent time in Alentejo, where he connected with his inner self! Swapping the beach for the garden, he brings along his good humor and energy! He has worked at the city's kiosks, from which I adopted the name, at events, and even selling cocktails at Lisbon's most popular fairs. He is undoubtedly multifaceted and believes that everyone can do more and better every day. It is under this premise that he now embraces with all his might the new challenge of leading the dining team at Jardim Sr. Lisboa alongside our dear João Quintela.

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